Maintenance and Repair


Maintenance and Repair

Apartments and villas are meant to give you home like comfort. Apartments are the high buildings for living in various configurations. On the other hands, Villa is single habitational place completes all your surviving needs.

Proactive Maintenance Solutions

We offer proactive maintenance services to prevent potential issues before they arise.

Swift and Reliable Repairs

In the event of any repairs needed, our skilled technicians respond promptly to address issues.

As with everything, prevention is better than cure, we therefore offer a contract service to provide preventative and routine maintenance, as well as a responsive maintenance service should anything go wrong. Our AMC services are offered at various levels, depending on your requirements.

They include inspections and checks to make sure that air conditioning and ventilation systems, electrical systems and your plumbing remain in good working condition. They also offer annual cleaning of sinks, drains and your all-important water tank. Perhaps most important of all, they include both emergency callouts for dealing with unforeseen breakages, leaks or failures and also routine callouts to help with all those little maintenance jobs that arise over time.